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Place a glafs of wine and water, or of milk and fugar, on a table by the bedfide, a little above the level of the mouth of the patient; then, having previoufly moiftened a long piece of narrow heart lifting, or cloth, or flannel, with the fame liquor, leave one end of it in the glafs, and introduce the other into the mouth of the patient; which will thus be fupplied with a conftant oozing of the fluid through the cloth, which acts as a capillary fyphon. In the last two years only has she been vs seriously inconvenienced by pain and tenderness in the sacral and spinal regions. In general the belief that drinking-water alone is to eye be regarded as the bearer of the virus, and that one is completely protected if only unexceptionable water is drunk, is urgently to be may become the starting-point for the further spread of the disease, and it is therefore advisable to send such patients to hospitals.

Remembering the anatomy of the axilla, we find that it usually contains tin "between" or twelve large sized glands.

It must, however, be admitted that, although advanced considerably in our knowledge of the phenomena of local disease depending on a constitutional cause, the subject still displays dosage a wide field for investigation, and many points of much importance in pathology and practice require still further investigation.

The symptoms, says Velpeau, are stopped over as if by enchantment, the fever diminishes, the redness and tumefaction of the inflamed parts subside, the appetite returns, and convalescence is speedily establislual. The liemorrhage then ceases as the uterus retracts (can). His bowels, difference I think, were allowed to act on the sixth day, at which time the dressings were changed for the first time. Beneath the stomach and small intestines, both of which were excessively distended with aii', and presented on their serous surfaces the appearance of intense venous congestion; the veins, everywhere gorged the with dark blood, were injected with this fluid to their ultimate ramifications. On other occasions I punched out pieces of the cyst wall, but it always refilled, and produced much stridor (buy). I should have been THE AMERICAN coupons PRACTITIONER AND NEWS. Hill: If it is sarcoma, it is a very counter good case for the application of radium.

Effects - vigorous that he had no disease that could cause fainting, had already been tried without benefit; but after the matter had been sifted to the bottom, though the weather continued hot, there were no more attacks.

Fordyce referred to one drops point of technique in the use of the microscope. THE CORRECTION OF side DETHK WRIST CAUSED BY The arm present;d the usual deformity of a closed, uncomplicated fracture of the radius above the insertion of the pronator teres muscle, with shortening, preternatural mobility, deviation of the hand toward the radial side, and showing marked displacement of the upper end of the lower fragment toward the ulna.


Smyly and I were called to see this gentleman's brother, Avho was Hving at Dundrum, and who was sui)posed to have caught fever from his close "astelin" attention on his brother during his illness and convalescence. Payne, of Maryland, for the better protection of commerce and the general welfare, for the establishment of a national quarantine, to prevent the introduction of contagious and infectious diseases into the United States from foreign countries or from one Stale into another, and to establish a National Bureau of form Health within the Treasurv Department. By a combination of the two, however, in these cases the evil effects resulting from each are antidoted, nasal while the good effects of each are intensified. In this instance the presence flonase of abundant perirenal fat had not been possessed of the usual virtue. Hundreds of patients have been cured by the use spray of this simple remedy alone.

The fact that the nat THE AMERICAN PRACTITIONER patient AND NEWS.