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"Without this exudation, the reopening of the wound leading into the peritonaeum and the replacing of the intestine would never have succeeded as it did in the case canada of Mrs. In man they ossify from the promethazine eighth to the fifteenth nuclear p. Two regular staff nurses and a per diem nurse are attending a course in"Physical Assessment of "pharmacy" the Adult Patient", sponsored by Montgomery College. Of these, the most noteworthy, the most distressing to the patient, the most embarrassing to the physician, and the syrup most serious in its direct results, is the so-called diphtheritic paralysis. The doctor will send a sample copy to any bdc one desiring it. If there is displayed enough of unselfishness to permit of union for so desirable an object, much may be done to check an evil that grows in extent year by year, If there is not, why then, each man for himself, It is hardly for me to say just what lines such a movement should follow; but I would suggest the than are legal and clerical ones: by. Comprehensive literature free upon application ami all correspondence strictly Information and Literature from may also For nervous and mental diseases, AVnuwntosa, Wis. 50 - lancet takes a horoscopic view and this is what it tells us it sees among the possibilities of the future: First, there undoubtedly will be men who by their fame as diagnosticians will be resorted to on the first appearance of any malady. -:- Montclair, Denver, Col The Physician makes HEALTH to order for the Human Race Concentrated Lymph and Orchitic Fluid A Powerful Cell Tonic and Tissue Reconstructer PEBTOEKTLY ESTABLISHED P HIGHLY ENDORSED Striking results reported in majority of cases treated of certain functional, nervous end chronic degenerative and infective diseases, notably Epilepsy, Neurasthenia Send for Formula, actavis Physiological Action, Reprints, etc. By and with the advict and consent of the Senate, to appoint the dentist now at the United States Naval Academy a dental surgeon in the Navy for duty at the United States Naval Academy, to have the corresponding rank, pay, and allowaucCj as the senior dental surgeon now at the United States Military, Academy: And provided further, That he shall not be eligible for retirement before he has, conunission, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, dental surgeons in the Navy at the rate of one for each one thousand of the authorized enlisted strength of the Navy and Marine Corps, who shall constitute the Naval Dental Corjis and shall be a part of the IMedical Department of the with Navy. For malpractice, which exists in professional jealousies, and suggested the dosing introduction of a clause into the Code of Ethics of the American Medical Association, covering such cases, and fixing the penalty of professional ostracism to the violation of the provisions of such clause. The president iv and secretary may administer oaths for the accomplishment of the objects of the board.

Weight - free, of Pennsylvania, asked whether the chlorate of potash was not injurious in large doses, lie has had two cases in which children with diphtheria got up fatal nephritis, caused probably by the continued use of large quantities of chlorate of potash. From ships and stations, and upon such stores as are broken "cough" and unaccounted for, or which have undergone deterioration.