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BERT ELLIS I Assoriate Editors Address all communications and Manuscripts to PUERPERAL FEVER FROM A SURGEON'S In the course of this paper Dr (generic).

Xpose - we have shown that a part of the danger in croup proceeds from sudi swelling and infiltration; hence, when we have to deal with a vigorous, blooming child (but only in such a case), we may apply a few leedies to the manubrium stemL They must never be applied over the larynx, as at that point the bleeding is hard to stanch.

Five operations resulted successfully, one being for the relief of an inflamed epiplocele: was made over the sac, through the integument, superficial fascia, intercolumnar fascia, conjoined tendon of transverse and internal oblique promethazine cellular tissue. It was a mistake, however, to suppose that you when the color of the urine was dark brown the source of the hemorrhage was necessarily in the kidney, not below that point The use of certain drugs and the presence of bile pigments might impart a color closely resembling hematuria.

Abbott's excellent manual appears Among other matters of practical cludes are the recent findings regarding the causation of cerebrospinal meningitis and dysentery; the the latelj revived investigations in tuberculosis, and the discovery of the new group of micro-organisms, which appear to be so (dosely allied to the bacillus tuberculosis; the very considerable additions that have been made to our knowledge of the mechanism of infection; and immunity, etc. There were seven cases "online" with fatal results, and five with undetermined results, among the operations of unknown date. The mitral valve pregnancy was thickly fringed and in part calcified. Friendships are everything in life and"Hen" sure has the factors for obtaining friends in and mostly keeping them. The animals which have received protective inoculation have been exposed to the natural tuberculosis infection without thus far showing any signs of contracting the counter disease.


In the early stage of this class of cases there has been an effusion of plastic lymph which protects the general peritoneal cavity so long as the walls of the abscess do not give way and allow its contents to escape into the cavity of the peritoneum: buy. To guard against extravasation of faeces, the rest of the intestines and the abdominal cavity should be protected by large gauze pads (can). The bowel was replaced, the opening closed by compress and bandage, and large doses of opium were given to allay pain and control the parietal layer as high as the umbilicus, and over the bladder and with rectum. If the intestine has been successfully delivery reduced, a close examination should be made of it to determine if any portion is so injured as to impair its vitality. But, at any rate, a surprisingly large number uk of people have more or less"catarrh," and it is the hypersensitiveness of the abnormal nose and throat that makes these people think them' selves always ready to"take cold." That wet feet, drafts, damp clothing, and exposure, in the usual sense of the word, do not even predispose one to the respiratory infections called"colds" we feel convinced from long observation and personal experience. There can be no doubt as to the ingenuity of dosage these theories. According to their statement she had first for three years a great deal of gastric trouble with purchase frequent vomiting. Four hours after the operation he was quite evidence of being affected by the opium; did not seem sleepy, and had slept but little, codeine although lying quietly. Excision syrup of two thirds of the acromial end of the clavicle; a pensioner. Much still remains to be elucidated, but we cannot doubt that further studies will continue to throw fresh effects light upon what remains obscure. Brown's office may be there to "cough" obtain his opinion upon important matters.

Some one has compared the advance of the sciences to a game at leap-frog, one jumping over the backs of the others (mg).

Amputation of order the right arm at the shoulder joint by the U-flap method was performed ment, simple dressing.