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In an experience extending over a number of years we can say the time is not far distant when the medical attendant will be as ready to perform tracheotomy as mwc a life-measure as he now is to adjust the obstetric forceps on an impacted head.

It has especial delivery value when the disease is directly received from the parents or even when a predisposition to mental disease can be presumed from the existence of various conditions in the parents or even collateral branches, as nervous diseases, alcoholism, or consanguinity. The cancerous tissue which extended along counter the capsule of Glisson into the liver could be distinguished with the naked eye along the larger branches from a hempseed to a pea in size, flat, round, or irregular spots, in the inside of the veins. Horse shoers should belong to the Veterinary Corps and be EHsigned by them to organization, this will make for continuity of method, etc., fixes responsibility and does away with the present Condemnation of animals also should be done by veterinarians who are experts and have their sick reports, and not by amateurs possessed in many cases with sentiment for the animal in The Remount Corps should have a Colonel at the head of it and be composed of the picked horsemasters of the mounted servdces with a trained personnel of about one officer per r)(K) animals Tlie Veterinary (Jorps pharmacy sluHild have a Colonel at the head of it with a trained personnel of one; veterinarian per HOO aniiruils tiui)plyiug the Kiuuount Corps as well. At 25 the age of twenty he entered the German army and served two years.