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Complete recovery, however, is not rarely observed in The ti'eatment of pernicious anaemia may be considered under three heads: First, the"specific" treatment; second, the treatment directed to alter the general conditions of the circulation; and third, treatment of the intestinal conditions or of underlying affections which influence unfavorablj- the progress of the case or perhaps act as the immediate india causes of the disease. Hysteria is an affection that is rarely cured unless Freud's psycho-analytic method of Sir Clifford Allbutt has somewhere in his usual exquisite literary style referred to the part which the modern physician plays in the relief of disease, as that of the ancillary mouse in Aesop's Fable, indicating his belief that while Nature plays by far 25mg the greater part in the relief of sickness, the well-trained physician, the iatros polypeiros of Hippocrates, is called upon many times to nibble one string of the net that enmeshes the sick lion, and so set him free to complete his own work of healing.