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The treatment for the first variety consists in complete rest, in the bandaging order and elevation of the part, and frequent bathing with iced water. Microscopically, there were granular thorium dioxide pigment deposits in small cerebral arteries in the vicinity of the infarct (actavis). The State Legislation Committee pharmacy reported that it is monitoring the situation and will raise the issue when the climate is favorable. Is it any wonder that systems become so debilitated by can this poisoning process that they fall an easy prey to the pneumococcus? The baneful effects of this imbecile practice are still further enhanced by the almost universal gastronomic folly of excessive eating. The inner suiface is studded with immense numbers of little dosage bodies, not larger than a grain of sand, distinctly cystic in their character, and containing each one or more of those little bodies called echinococci, a term signifying a spine.

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