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But seldom in a plaintiff's case does the attending physician state only the vc simple facts of the case without dwelling upon those things which magnify the injury. Prior to the meningeal involvement the case presented many of the clinical features of typhoid fever, which was confirmed can by the laboratory through a positive blood-culture and a positive Widal reaction. Furthermore, it has been proposed that hyperlipemia may accelerate phenergan blood clotting and also retard fibrinolysis.

On one BOSTON MEDICAL AND to SURGICAL JOURNAL greater competition for positions there makes the chances for material existence far better here. Theje may be eafily got "how" of MarbUrs cr Stone-cutters in III.

Douching of the eye is 25 best accomplished by means of an ordinary eye-dropper.

The procedure is about as easy and simple as attaching an electric iron, leaving the difference in weight out of consideration: side.

These are reversible in most online instances by proper dosage adjustment, but are also occasionally observed at the lower dosage ranges. As soon as the convulsion was well under way I would slap the patient sharply once or twice in the face and get tell him to stop. It is white crystalline, bitter substance soluble in water; salt with potassium or sodium palmitate; a crystalline needles, soluble in water and alcohol; an antiseptic white powder soluble in water: syrup. The rubber condom technique utilized by Bors is most satisfactory: codeine. Klein's Theory, that it is due solely to mixed infections: cough.

The granular layer with and the white substance. Some roentgenologists report remarkable results uk and are able to control certain cases for indefinite periods.


In the advertising pages of The Journal of the American Medical Association, we find the term"sanatorium" used throughout for institutions for the treatment of tuberculous patients, while"sanitarium" is the rame made use of for establishments for "of" the treatment of nervous and mental diseases, drug addictions, and so forth. In addition it will show any displacement of the apex-beat of the Palpation will, in a measure, determine the amount of expansion, will show an increase in the conduction of the spoken voice in cases where the lungs are consolidated, and a lessening in cases where fluid is interposed, as in pleurisy: buy.