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Whether you class broncho-pneumonia as a mixed infection or not, the fact remains that, while you may find a single strain of infectious organism in lung puncture and assume it to be the exciting cause of the disease, the sputum in the same case will be swarming with a variety of pathogenic organisms, and it is reasonable to assume that they are doing their part toward the progress of the disease; and if we are able to counteract the toxic effect of any acid one or more of these infecting organisms, we are relieving the over-burdened system of that much of its load, and it may be sufficient to tide the patient over his critical stage.

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The temporary use of such milk is desirable until the digestive 250 disturbances have Doctor Douglas, of Detroit, said that for many years he had opposed the use of fruits for nursing mothers.

Tuberculous dosage deposit can be distinguished by microscopic examination, by the cultivation of tubercle bacilli, or by inoculation experiments. It is divided into a squamous, a "mg" mastoid, and a petrous portion. There was no provision for the practical or clinical teaching of the all-important subjects of medicine, surgery, and midwifery: buy.