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Sodium Cacodylate and Sodium Hyposulphite compound are first given, and if well dd borne, intravenous injections are at once proceeded with. The pulley wheel of the commutator is four inches in diameter Current is supplied to the diclofenaco motor from a storage battery; and by means of a variable resistance the motor can be made to run at any speed from about iJOO to over GOOO revolutions per minute. We will have to offer the body not only a substitute for the loss of sugar combustion with its consequent diminution in gotas energy, but also to reduce the abnormally high sugar content of the blood and the glycosuria. Thus in the case of troops, of the police and of prisoners in jails amongst whom some echo of the present epidemic pediatrico of relapsing fever in the Punjab must be anticipated to occur, no insuperable difiiculties need arise in carrying out this measure. PURULENT CEREBRAL INFLAMMATIONS AS A COMPLICATION On account of the frequency and great practical importance of cerebral (intracranial) diseases which occur in conjunction wnth suppurative processes in the ear, we here give a brief summary of the most important facts bearing has destroyed the petrous portion of the temporal efectos bone to such an extent that the adjacent dura mater is reached, if the inflammatory process becomes en capsnlated soon enougli, a circumseribed extradunil oi- sulxliiral al)scess is formed in many ca,ses. He "el" names it" Microcidine" inferior to those of corrosive sublimate. We refer specifically to the complement fixation test for the various "tabletas" organisms concerned in focal infection.

As a rule patients suffer no more inconvenience prijs after splenectomy than after ovariotomy; but sometimes there has been a rise of temperature a few days after the operation, accompanied by loss of flesh, pain in the long bones, especially those of the lower limbs, diminution in the number of the red, and increase in the number of white blood cells.

The tubes are now fixejl sirve to the test tubes containing the bugs, first being careful to draw up the filter paper to the mouth of the tube; the bugs now have free access to the hairy side of the skin. In view of the gradual 50 onset of epidemics of relapsing fever, and of the facts to be related in connexion with the following year, there is little room for doubt that these indices correctly reflect the incidence of relapsing fever. The great medical period of oral Leruniac and Bullard did not lead to any progress in the knowledge of diabetes.

Knee-jerk normal on the left side; much exaggerated on the suspension right. In the rare cases of traumatic cerebral abscess, apparently without any open wound, small injuries soft parts alone are wounded, suppuration may extend to the brain: secundarios. Of course, human dosis milk would be best, but if this cannot be procured, the child should be given raw cow's milk instead of sterilized boiled milk. The book is neatly and durably bound (potasico).

A proper appreciation of this ought to make it possible to be put into operation by the masses of the profession who have mg regard for their professional honor.


In the case to which I referred as having removed a stone by pyelolithotomy and then a recurrent stone by the de same route, I was surprised to see at the time of the nephrectomy how extensive the destruction of kidney tissue had been, though the kidney was a good one at the time of the original operation. I think the best treatment is que inunction salicylate of mercury, calomel, etc. Novartis - but there was not only lack of any expansion in the lung, leaving an immense cavity in the chest, but the pus remained in this cavity. The President para said that it was not rare to see a person suffering from both tuberculosis and syphilis. Diclofenac - there were two or three undoubted tuberculous ulcers in the ileum, with tubercles on the peritoneum over their site; and one of these, that nearest to the ileo-csecal valve where the bowel had been previously incised, had fortaed the apex of the intussusception, as it was very much indented in its center and much thickened. What may take place in these socalled traumatic hernias is the sudden projection of a small amount of contents into an unfused funicular infantil process which is of sufficient size or laxity as to be able at once to constitute a definite sac.