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Order - the first sight experiences were not accompanied by any pain or smarting and sight seemed to be of no value at first in the estimation of direction of"distance, so that as a guide in locomotion it was not The authors think from these cases that the sense of sight is one that can be dispensed with better than most of the other special senses. I could make out the form in of kindness and love. It is hastened by high living; by the whirl, and bustle, pills and excitement of city life; by reading novels which are full of love incidents; by attending balls, theatres, and parties; and by mingling much in the society of gentlemen.

If to these symptoms be added sickness at the stomach, the cyproheptadine woman, if married, feels confident she is in the family way. In all this matter we have been contending for our rights as citizens, and when those rights are invaded we shall not be to careful, even to suit the fastidious taste of the editor of the Sanitarian, to put our protest in honeyed words; but rather in language so plain and emphatic that there will be no mistaking our meaning. They describe concentric circles, and are at first very small and close, but gradually separate, so that the last and largest border upon the median line, "effects" and spread out in the direction of its length.

Weight - for the rest it imposes no restrictions on either individuals or articles imported; but it relies on the internal sanitary administration of the country to control at the onset any infection which may perchance evade the precautions adopted at our ports. Each method has given good results, but for many reasons the second has been preferred in a majority of instances, and of the many ways of performing gain gastro-enterostomy the posterior or von Hacker's method with the Murphy button has been and should be generally chosen.


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