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How to make Leafu (Leaf Curd)

Leafu is the protein curd extracted from edible leaves such as nettle leaves.

Leafu can be made at home with low-tech kit, although the yield is low for the effort required

Makes around 100g (4oz) curd from 800g (28oz) leaves

Gather 800g (dry weight) of clean young nettle (Urtica dioica) leaves.

Use a pair of long sleeve gauntlet gloves to avoid being stung

wash nettles
Thoroughly wash the nettles in batches
drain leaves
Drain the leaves ready to be liquidised.
add water and blend
Add 500ml (1 pint) water to a small handful of leaves in a liquidiser or blender
Blend the initial leaves, then add keep adding extra leaves to the mix and blend until thick. Repeat until all the leaves are liquidised.
Pour the pulp into a colander lined with muslin (cheesecloth) and capture the strained liquid in a large stockpot.
push thru
You will need to stir and push the pulp through the muslin
gather muslin
When the pulp has stopped draining naturally, gather up the muslin and squeeze.
wring out
Wring out all of the liquid from the pulp (requires considerable effort).
fibre residue
Discard the fibrous residue which should be very dry.
heat liquid
Heat the nettle juice to boiling point, stirring only to prevent burning
curds form
Remove from heat when curds form on top of the liquid
Strain the curds through clean muslin, this time discarding the liquid.
Wring out the liquid from the curds
Unwrap the ball of curds
finished leafu
The finished leafu. Chill until firm.
cut leafu
When chilled the leafu will hold its shape and can be cut.
The finished leafu has the aroma of freshly cut grass and tastes equally verdant. The texture is a little tofu-like but far grainier. The leafu can be crumbled into stocks or stir-fries or used as a piquant topping to plant-cheese on biscuits or crackers.
How to make Leafu (Leaf Curd)