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Plant Milk

Plant Milks are milks made from legumes, grains, nuts or seeds. Examples include soya, rice, oat, almond, hazelnut, quinoa and hemp. Coconut milk is also a plant milk. The most commonly available plant milk is Soya Milk (Soymilk), also known as Tonyu.

plant milks
Clockwise from lower left:
Soya Milk - Rice Milk - Oat Milk - Hemp Milk
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soya milk / soymilk
Soya Milk (Soymilk)
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Soya Milk is the most versatile plant milk. It can be used widely to replace animal milks in sweet and savoury recipes and hot drinks. Soya milk can also be used to make yoghurt, qurd and tofu. Soya milk is thick, full bodied and has a mild beany taste.
rice milk
Rice Milk
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Rice Milk is a thin sweet plant milk. It is excellent on breakfast cereal and the mild sweet taste means it can be enjoyed as chilled drink.
oat milk
Oat Milk
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Oat Milk is of medium consistency, between that of Rice and Soya milks. The oaty taste is mild and pleasant and it can by drunk by the glass or used with breakast cereal or in cooking.
hemp milk
Hemp Milk
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Hemp Milk is a thick, dark plant milk with a fairly strong taste of hemp. It is best used in cooking.
Quinoa Milk
Quinoa Milk is a medium bodied plant milk with a strong taste of quinoa. It is best used in cooking.
Almond Milk & Hazelnut Milk
Almond Milk and Hazelnut Milk are similar medium bodied sweet plant milks with a mild nutty taste. They make a good chilled drink and are also good as a hot milk drink.
Coconut Milk
Coconut Milk is a widely known and well used plant milk. It is an essential ingredient in southeast asian and other tropical cuisines. Coconut milk can be thick or thin and has a strong coconut taste.
Chufa Milk (Tigernut Milk)
Chufa Milk is a commonly made plant milk in Spain and Latin America. The popular drink Horchata is made from Chufa Milk in many countries. Chufa Milk is mild and nutty.


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